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The Clover Class October 2019

Our observations and interactions with monarchs spawned a big question about symmetry. After noticing that certain things were the same on both sides, we learned the technical term, and ever since the children of the Clover Class have been creating and identifying symmetrical prints and patterns in nature and beyond. We worked with paints, folding paper in the center for a “same/same” creation. A few other materials we explored were pattern blocks and jewels. We even arranged our bodies into a symmetrical formation... with each child one by one, deciding to choose where to position his/her body for the next friend to “mirror”. Outdoor adventures with mirrors propelled our discovery to a new level and we keenly noticed symmetry in nature. Using the overhead projector and a yardstick, we identified the center of an image.

Some of our thoughts when posed with the question of “What is symmetry?”

 “You draw the same on both sides.”
“Both sides have to be the same.”
“Things facing the same way could be symmetry.”
“You do the same thing as it.”
“Like painting, it’s the same...”
You paint on one side something you want then you fold it so it’s the same on both sides.” “The same on both sides... like my heart (on shirt).”
“When you do something on both sides.”
“Like... my cheese has symmetry!”

Reflection:? All of your children have big ideas about the world and as teachers we prompt them to ponder deeply and look closely. We listen to their thoughts and honor the process of understanding. We wonder and spark conversations with one another resulting in experiences based on that which matters to them. Each day is a new adventure and we will continue to reflect on the past, enjoy the moments and dream of our potential.