Flower Decor Parent Involvement

The Spring Hill Community is comprised of children, parents, grandparents, teachers and other community members.

Parents are vitally involved in the school by:





Parents are always welcome to visit at any time during hours of operation. Open communication and feedback are encouraged at all times.

We encourage you to touch base with us at pick up and drop off times, but lengthy conversations should be scheduled when teachers are not supervising children.

Questions, concerns or complaints may be shared with a child’s lunch bunch teacher and/or the director at any time in person or in writing. Every effort will be made to address areas of concern should they arise.

Other forms of communication can include lunchbox notes sent home weekly, email communication and informal daily conversations with your child’s teacher. Spring Hill School teachers work hard to meet the needs of all children. Individual plans may be developed with the parent to address particular needs and necessary adaptations and accommodations will be made to support these needs.